The Farm

My name is Peter Dale and for nearly 20 years I have dedicated myself to teaching kids and adults positive, long-term habits in sports and life through hockey. In 2007 I purchased a 5 ½ acre farm and converted two of the barns into off-rink training centers. My program, called “Farm Tough Hockey,” focuses on four key areas:

  • fitness
  • skills improvement
  • mental toughness
  • nutrition

We work with beginners through advanced ice hockey and roller hockey players. We invest great effort on the players’ experience, empowering them through positive reinforcement, which leads to improved confidence, consistency over time, and more success on and off the rink.

Being Farm Tough is both an attitude and a belief that nothing comes easy. I teach that with hard work, inner conviction and perseverance, you will see progress and great achievement. Just as a farmer commits to planting, tending, and cultivating crops to reap his harvest, a Farm Tough Hockey Player commits to learning, practicing, and focusing on skills development and personal growth to reach their goals. I watch my players take their Farm Tough attitude to the rink; but more importantly, I hope it remains within each of them on their journey through life.

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Farm Tough Hockey is a unique training environment. The 5 ½ acre farm includes 3 barns, a guest cottage, and a 150-year old farmhouse where my family and I reside. The converted barns offer a “Young Blood” meets “Rocky” type of training experience.  The Farm Tough experience reaches youth and adult players locally, nationally and internationally.



Big Barn Highlights

  • Hockey specific flooring for ice hockey and roller hockey
  • Players train on inline skates to better simulate hockey specific movement
  • 3 Shooting Lanes to improve your shooting accuracy and power
  • Stickhandling specific tools and space to focus on puck control and stick moves
  • Group Training space for strength, balance, speed and movement fitness training

Loft Barn Highlights

  • Slide Boards to work on stride extension and form and technique
  • Russian Boxes to build explosive power
  • Spin Bikes to build cardio endurance through interval training with Heart Rate Monitors
  • Stride Machine to focus on knee bend, full stride extension and toe snap
  • Hoist V6 Functional Trainer to work through hockey specific range of motion for players and goalies